Learn Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies Training

At Bitfraction Technologies, we intend to provide a wide range of trainings and services from high-end application development to exhaustive training in Microsoft Technologies, which in turn helps you amalgamate latest technologies in your business. Our training empowers you to benefit vastly from the Microsoft Software as we merge creative development tactics with pioneering Microsoft Technologies to assist you with predominant business solutions.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced Microsoft solution experts who have their proficiencies in implementing and architecting web development solutions. Their expertise also includes substantial amount of experience in business-centric use of various web services, tools and products.

The .NET application services that we offer is targeted towards integrating several external applications to our patron’s legacy systems and vice-versa. Our primary strength is to help extensive software businesses to evolve their architectures and transform them to Microsoft stack thus benefiting the users.

Learn Microsoft Technologies

We specialize in the following
languages and technologies

  • Microsoft .NET is ideally a software framework introduced by Microsoft. This framework runs principally on Microsoft Windows. It comprises of a huge class library called as the ‘Framework Class Library’ that assists the user with language interoperability transversely in numerous software programming languages.
  • ASP.NET happens to be an open source web framework that is meant to build conversant web applications and services using .NET. This framework generates websites built on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS that are fast, simple and tips the scale for millions of users.
  • ASP.NET MVC provides you with an influential, patterns-based solution to build lively websites that promotes spotless division of concerns giving you entire control on markup for agile, pleasant development. ASP.NET MVC has various features that leverage fast development for producing sophisticated web applications that work using modern web standards.
  • C # is considered a multi-paradigm software programming language encircling robust component-oriented, object-oriented, generic, functional, typing, declarative, and imperative programming disciplines. C# is a type-safe and sophisticated object-oriented software programming language that helps the developers to create numerous protected and vigorous web applications that efficiently run on the .NET Framework. Users can work with C# to build database applications, client-server applications, distributed components, XML Web services, Windows client applications, and much more

Microsoft Technologies Training Contents

Web Application Development

  1. Introduction to Microsoft .NET Development
  2. Developing web form pages
  3. Developing and using web forms controls
  4. Implementing client-side scripting and AJAX
  5. Configuring and extending a web application
  6. Displaying and manipulating data

Programming in C#

  1. Manage program flow
  2. Create and use types
  3. Debug applications and implement security
  4. Implement data access

Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

  1. Design the application architecture
  2. Design the user experience
  3. Develop the user experience
  4. Troubleshoot and debug web applications
  5. Design and implement security

Programming with Microsoft LINQ

  1. LINQ Fundamentals
  2. LINQ to Relational
  3. LINQ to XML
  4. Advanced LINQ