What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics is the most powerful and versatile Enterprise resource planning ERP product.It provides the comprehensive, core functionality that needs to run the business efficiently, makes better and smarter decisions and involves customers on a global scale; including financials, human resources, and operations management.

This resource planning tool consolidates industry and brand particular functionalities with core enterprise management features, and engages many prominent organizations around the globe to meet the challenges of their industries, and make use of profitable business opportunities.


Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it simple to work over different areas, locations, and countries by allowing visibility across the organization. It allows communication between internal and external processes, groups and individuals, allowing ways of working and significant cost saving.

Dynamics AX is a versatile, adaptable and effectively incorporated solution. Worked through the recognizable Microsoft UI, Dynamics AX can be completely consolidated with other Microsoft applications including Microsoft Office and Dynamics CRM.

1. It helps Help people work fast and smart by Focusing on business—rather than on learning new applications—with a solution that looks and feels like a similar to Microsoft user experience.
2. It picks up the solution package and then adds capabilities as a business grows by taking advantage of current investments.
3. Manages and monitors performance across the organization with reporting and analysis tools.
4. Saves time and effort with workflows that enforce and enhance controls based on specific risk and compliance scenarios.

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