Dynamics 365 – Improve Customer Service

Dynamics 365 – Improve Customer Service

The only ingredient of a successful business recipe in today’s competitive world is customer service. Customer experience is made of every single interaction a customer has with your team, brand or an entire organization, how do they perceive your brand and their experience regarding the same. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is everything; right from an email to the customer care executive, to the social media interactions, talking to an executive personally or reading a featured article about your brand and commenting on that.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”- Jeff Bezos

It is extremely important to promote positive advocacy of your brand in the minds of your customers.

One of the best tools that provide a complete solution of gaining insights and improving customer experience is Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is a powerful tool that leverages customer loyalty, empowers every agent and adapts to the changing needs. Following are the ways through which, Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you improve customer experience.

  1. Round-the-clock customer engagement: With this feature, it is possible to connect and support your customers anytime, anywhere. It delivers consistent and personalized support expected by the customers across multiple choice of channels and devices inclusive of social media. The Forrester Report says that customer satisfaction goes up to 36% with multi-channel support. So, this unified platform offers you visibility and consistency across multiple channels, gives you deeper insights through a 360-degree customer view and based on your customers’ past behaviours and interactions, it lets you create personalized interactions.
  2. Empowers every agent: A single user interface makes it easier for your agent to succeed better. To resolve any issue quickly, what’s needed the most are guidance, data and tools. With these facilities at hand, agents will be able to resolve the queries quickly, deliver more effective and personalized supports with the help of service software that has access to customer data in one place. Data pulling from systems beyond customer service is also possible. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, leverage your agents with speed resolution through advanced analytics functionalities and machine learning, fast case management and provide exceptional level of support, and role-tailored experienced delivery through visual interface.
  3. Self-service and communities: Offer your customers full freedom to find solutions on their own and access community space. This will let them connect with subject matter experts and colleagues. However, this feature of Dynamics 365 leverages customers to seamlessly switch to assisted support when required. The advantages make of round-the-clock customer service availability and delivery of real-time service optimized for mobile and other devices make Dynamics 365 the most chosen solutions amongst the business owners.
    4. Built-in digital intelligence: Feel the freedom to run your business on the go by identifying trends, anticipating opportunities, and gaining invaluable insights through data visualization capabilities and interactive dashboards. All of this can be done by simply enabling predictive customer service in-built data analytics customer service software.
  4. Consolidated data: Leverage your agents with the skill to answer the customers on the spot. A searchable knowledge base will let your agents access and deliver persistent solutions across multiple channels. It is possible to personalize content on the customer portal and with in-depth analytics tracking response impact becomes easier. Capture content from experts, service interactions and social media channels to deliver the right answers at most appropriate times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 discovers the actual needs of the customers through quick and consistent customer service. To gain more insights on this domain stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.