Corporate Training

Make a greater business impact with our tailor-made corporate training programs

Right from coordination to administrative support, we can assist you at all levels of your training deployment program.

Bitfraction Technologies deploy full suite of enterprise level training solutions to address your daily challenges. Our expert trainers are capable of evaluating enterprise application issues, training your resources and support your program rollouts with coaching, assessment services and more.

We help your organization’s teams and staff achieve their fullest potential and meet your project objectives through our ongoing follow up and enterprise level application training modules.

Corporate Training

Custom Training Solutions: Right Content. Relevant Context

Corporate Training

Result-oriented, motivating and challenging real-life scenarios to enhance the learning experience

Corporate Training

Learning made more engaging through animations, graphics and infographics and interactive games

Corporate Training

Tailor-made content for different languages, localization, geographies and more

Corporate Training

Vast range of application simulations designed with heavy practice for better learning

Process We Follow

Corporate Training Process

Assessment & Consultancy: We will identify your companies strengths and areas of improvement by building custom assessments to analyze your skills in the areas of Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft CRM and Digital Marketing. After a couple of days’ evaluation and interviewing with company functional managers and team members, our reporting and advising leaders guide and help you make more informed decisions and understand what’s working for others in the industry.

Train & Learn: We offer eclectic workshops on technology tools enterprise level applications. We are happy to provide you with recommendations on your learning roadmap through our expert assessment to ensure you get the maximum returns out of every penny spent. Coaching & Guidance: Every organization is different. Being at the table with your managers and in the classroom with your teams lets us provide guidance tailored for you. At the same time, our experience with many enterprise organizations allows us to share common themes and teach what works for you.

Solution Delivery: Whether you require assistance with product strategy, innovation and agility, data science or software engineering, we deliver customized training or guidance in any area of your work that is impacted by technology.

Why Bitfraction Technologies?

  • Job-aids and guidebooks for enhanced learner retention and encourage on-job learners
  • Domain expert instructors, to help attendees learn through theories and case studies
  • Well-defined and highly visualised presentations that provide “human-touch” to the content and activities
  • Select from our best and latest learning and technology modules aligning to your organisational goals and project requirements
  • We design tailor-made learning strategies for your organization with latest learning models and strong training needs analysis
  • Measure ROI and enhance on learning strategies through our learner analytics
  • Demo based content rather than knowledge and theoretical
  • Just-in-time, on-demand and contextualized learning technique
  • Relevant content for learners to help perform in the real world and on-the-job
  • Cost-effective solution with a positive environmental impact

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