5 Ways to Get Interview Ready

5 Ways to Get Interview Ready The most common question that runs in the mind of every graduating student is “how to get interview ready”? An interview is the gateway ticket to your successful journey of a rising career. Here are a couple of basic approaches to planning for your next interview that will guarantee [...]

Role of CRM in Banking Sector

Role of CRM in Banking Sector   Although most of the banks struggle to make profits, they hardly pay attention to enhancing their customer strategy. Gone are the times when people had a misconception about banks being okay with not on a client enough since they had clients. A few banks regardless of the possibility [...]

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Importance of Digital Marketing To Your Business

Importance of Digital Marketing To Your Business   The world has evolved on the axis of technological advancements. People have moved into the comfort zone with technology getting better and a lot of options available at hand. With the rising use of the internet, easy availability of numerous products has made life simpler. Taking into [...]

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What is Microsoft Azure?

What is Microsoft Azure?   Microsoft Azure is a  comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure and platform. It is designed to provide solutions depending upon individual needs and challenges in a Fast, secure and cost-effective way. Microsoft Azure has created tremendous success as a global cloud-based system that excels at integrating numerous services, together with Platform as a [...]

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Marketing: Moving from Traditional to Digital

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital   In the most recent years, marketing has experienced a major shift from product-driven marketing to customer-centric marketing and eventually to human-centric marketing. Human-centric marketing aims at humanising brands with human-like attributes.   At a more micro level, humans are embracing social inclusivity. Being inclusive is not [...]

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What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?   Microsoft Dynamics is the most powerful and versatile Enterprise resource planning ERP product.It provides the comprehensive, core functionality that needs to run the business efficiently, makes better and smarter decisions and involves customers on a global scale; including financials, human resources, and operations management. This resource planning tool consolidates [...]

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Why SMEs Choose Certified Professionals

Why SMEs Choose Certified Professionals   There are many reasons why SMEs choose certified professionals. Acquiring a certificate or designation validates an individual’s expertise level and usually leads to added prestige. Undoubtedly a professional certification also results in salary hike and generally puts employees ahead of the team. But, did you know there are likewise [...]

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Advantages of Online Training

Advantages of Online Training Conventional Education And Advantages Of Online Learning There are a few issues with conventional training methods. Most importantly, you have to pay a huge number of dollars per term to go to a lavish institute. With every one of those spending shares, occupied classrooms, and course syllabus, you won't generally find [...]

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Future Trends of Mobile App Development

Future Trends of Mobile App Development   More than 1 billion mobile phones and 179 billion versatile applications downloaded every year, mobile development is positively one of the creative and effectively developing segments. The mobile application showcase is seemingly commanded by Google applications (Gmail, Maps, Search), Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) and Gaming applications [...]

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Dynamics 365 – Improve Customer Service

Dynamics 365 - Improve Customer Service The only ingredient of a successful business recipe in today’s competitive world is customer service. Customer experience is made of every single interaction a customer has with your team, brand or an entire organization, how do they perceive your brand and their experience regarding the same. Dynamics 365 for Customer [...]

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