About Us

Our Story

Above everything else, business growth and development boils down to allotting the right people in the right place at the right time. It’s the professional abilities of the people that sets the business organization apart from others in the competitive market. Therefore, businesses and entrepreneurs prefer consulting Bitfraction Technologies.

Established to understand various business contests and assist the businesses with accurate trainings and services, we repetitively challenge the business norms to discover new and innovative sources of delivering our trainings and services. Vouching for the responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit that we possess, we ensure our clients are never exposed to risks if not to success.

Our Values

Our corporate philosophy is based on the identification of five basic values-
Collaboration, Innovation, Result Orientation, Respect, and Integrity. These values showcase Bitfraction’s commitment towards developing enduring professional relationships and a firm corporate culture.


This depicts consistency of values, morals, principles, measures, methods, and actions of our employees.


This is considered as a catalyst to development. Being innovative aids our team with enhanced solutions for the inarticulate market needs.

Result Orientation

This is all about generating results that make all the difference. Result Orientation enriches the lives of our clients making our efforts meaningful.


This showcases the high team spirit of our group members that make huge achievements possible.


This is a chief fundamental that keeps our team together. Although there is a difference of opinion, the respect our team has for its members makes the outcome even more innovative.

Result Orientation

This is all about generating results that make all the difference. Result Orientation enriches the lives of our clients making our efforts meaningful.

We team up with our clients to comprehend their application environment, processes,
people, road map, technology, and expectations. In order to deliver ace solutions for
keeping you ahead always, we have developed a evolution
methodology comprising of three stages.


Assessment of the prevailing systems, analyzing estimates and baseline, and creating plans


Assisting the maintenance, shadowing teams, transferring knowledge.​


optimizing processes, changing the logic, and providing post accomplishment support.

Our Vision and Mission

About Us
  • Our vision is to stand ahead in the delivery and creation of creative workforce trainings and services that allow our customers to lead the marketing in the transforming work environment.
  • Our mission is to assist our clients and students to thrive in their respective digital domains. As a contemporary institution and service provider, the following four factors hold the highest importance to us.


Our clients and their requirements are our priority. We respect their opinions and function accordingly thus assisting them to achieve their goals. We also help them groom their careers by training them.


We realize that there are a lot of people contributing towards our success, especially our staff, students, and clients. We reward and encourage achievements of our staff, students, as well as our clients.


We willingly share our expertise and knowledge for everyone to understand the changing market trends and the future of the digital world. This helps them to respond according to the situation.


We intend to adopt and develop all the best practices in terms of digital innovation to better understand our work. We enthusiastically innovate to evolve pioneers in our field.